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My Little Porkie

My Little Porkie

We always have Gloucester Old Spot and Saddleback piglets scurrying around and My Little Porkie gives you the chance to own one of them. Don’t worry you don’t have to look after it, we’ll do all that for you. You just choose your piglet at the start and then we will send you regular updates and photos showing you what it is getting up to. We can even arrange a visit. All you have to do is decide how you want your pork at the end (we can help with that).

All our pigs are pedigree rare breed and completely free range (sometimes a bit too free range when they escape !). We feed them a natural diet and they have access to forage all year round. They get loads of apples in the autumn and all the excess from our Kitchen Garden throughout the year. This mixed diet produces the best tasting pork, ever.

They also live twice as long as their commercial cousins which makes a real difference to the cooking qualities of the pork. As they mature they lay down fat in the muscle and this melts when the meat cooks, basting it. No more dry, tasteless pork - moist meat and crunchy crackling every time !

You can order at any time of year and it will normally be about 5 months before delivery. If you can’t wait then just get in touch because we normally have a few older pigs we are keeping for ourselves and we may be able to let you have one of them.

Because you get all of your pork at the end we can’t tell you exactly how much it will cost as it depends on how much your pig weighs. We charge £7.20/kg (offal is free) and most of our pigs give us between 40-50kgs of meat so that works out at c.£300. (Delivery by overnight courier is £10). We ask for a £95 deposit to reserve your piglet.

Bit worried that a whole pig is a bit too much ? Why not get together with neighbours and have half a pig each ? We've been approached by pubs who want their own 'pub pig' for a spit roast party and primary schools who want to involve the children. The foodies amongst you may even want to have a go at a bit of charcuterie !

If you are interested in knowing where your food comes from, My Little Porkie gives you a direct connection with the animal and how it lives, real provenance. 

To order please drop us an email or call us.